SAMI Papers

Title Leader Publication Date
The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral field spectrograph Scott Croom March 2012
First Science with SAMI: A Serendipitously Discovered Galactic Wind in ESO 185-G031 Lisa Fogarty December 2012
The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Stellar Kinematics of SAMI Pilot Survey Galaxies. Lisa Fogarty PDF March 2013
The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Virial (and Fundamental?) Plane(s) in three nearby clusters Nic Scott PDF December 2013
The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Kinematic Morphology-Density Relation in Abell 85, Abell 168 and Abell 2399 Lisa Fogarty PDF June 2014
Instrument specification and target selection Julia Bryant PDF July 2014
Early data release James Allen PDF July 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Shocks and Outflows in a normal star-forming galaxy I-Ting Ho PDF August 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Cubism and covariance, putting round pegs into square holes Rob Sharp PDF October 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: The discovery of a luminous, low-metallicity HII complex in the dwarf galaxy GAMAJ141103.98-003242.3 Samuel Richards PDF October 2014
Towards a universal dynamical scaling relation for galaxies of all types Luca Cortese PDF November 2014
The nature of kinematically offset AGN James Allen PDF November 2014
Spatially resolved star formation profiles vs. environment and stellar mass. Adam Schaefer PDF July 2015
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Data Archive, Web Interface, and Tools for Big Science Exploration Iraklis Konstanto... PDF November 2015
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Gas Streaming and Dynamical M/L in Rotationally Supported Systems Gerald Cecil PDF December 2015
Can we trust aperture corrections to predict star formation? Samuel Richards PDF January 2016
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: extraplanar gas, galactic winds, and their association with star formation history I-Ting Ho PDF January 2016
The link between angular momentum and optical morphology Luca Cortese PDF July 2016
Global age, metallicity and abundance as a function of mass, morphology and environment Nic Scott PDF July 2016
Galaxy Interactions and Kinematic Anomalies in Abell 119 Sree Oh PDF November 2016
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Revisiting Galaxy Classification Through High Order Stellar Kinematics Jesse van de Sande PDF December 2016
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: The cluster redshift survey, target selection and cluster properties Matt Owers PDF March 2017
The Nature of the Kinematic Morphology-Density Relation in Clusters. Sarah Brough PDF March 2017
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Revising the Fraction of Slow Rotators in IFS Galaxy Surveys Jesse van de Sande PDF June 2017
The KMOS Redshift One Spectroscopic Survey (KROSS): the origin of disk turbulence in z~0.9 star-forming galaxies Alfred Tiley PDF June 2017
The intrinsic shapes of slow and fast rotator early-type galaxies Caroline Foster PDF July 2017
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: understanding observations of large-scale outflows at low redshift with EAGLE simulations Edoardo Tescari PDF September 2017
Survey Overview and Emission-line Physics Data Release Andy Green PDF October 2017