Spatially resolved star formation profiles vs. environment and stellar mass.


In this project we will use the H-alpha measurements from SAMI cubes (primarily in the GAMA regions) to measure the spatial distribution of star formation in each SAMI galaxy.  This will also involve using H-beta measurements to determine dust extinction via Balmer decrement.  We will then determine i) the total integrated star formation for each galaxy; ii) the radial star formation profile for each galaxy.  We will then study how these two pieces of information vary as a function of both galaxy stellar mass and galaxy environment.  We expect to start this by using local density estimators (e.g. nth nearest neighbour).   Expanding to other environment estimators (for example using group data) would likely be a separate paper, but this is to be determined.


The aim will be to use the 2013 SAMI GAMA field data, which already has ~300 galaxies and will be sufficient for very interesting early results in this field.  Depending on the final time of publication it may make sense to also include 2014A data as well.

This paper is nearly ready for review by the team.

This paper is part of the PhD thesis of Adam Schaefer (supervisors Scott Croom and James Allen).

Publication Date: 
July 2015