Public Data

The SAMI Galaxy Survey is committed to making its survey data public to the astronomical community. This commitment is a reflection of the rich nature of our dataset, and that our team can not do all the science that this dataset will enable. Data will be made public in a staged approach similar to other large surveys (e.g., SDSS, GAMA). Astronomers interested in contributing to the Survey more directly should consider joining the team either as an associate or full member.


Parent Target Catalog
The parent catalog from which galaxies for inclusion in the SAMI Galaxy Survey are drawn.

Data Releases

Early Data Release
The first public release of SAMI data: data cubes for 107 galaxies.
Data Release 1
First major data release of SAMI data including cubes for 772 galaxies and emission line value added data products. This is hosted by the Australian Astronomical Observatory's Data Central.