SAMI Galaxy Survey regions and targets

This page provides information for members of the astronomical community interested in specific fields that the SAMI Galaxy Survey has observed or plans to observe soon. We are observing galaxies in from two main samples, carefully matched to allow cross-comparison. The first is selected from the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey, and the second is from a set of 8 massive galaxy clusters.

Details of the target selection are in Bryant et al. 2014, MNRAS (soon to be submitted).

SAMI targets in the GAMA fields

The main sample of galaxies targeted by SAMI are in areas surveyed by the GAMA project. In particular the GAMA-I G09, G12 and G15 areas which are:

Field RA range Dec range
G09 129.0 to 141.0 −1 to +3
G12 174.0 to 186.0 −2 to +2
G15 211.5 to 223.5 −2 to +2

The list of object names, GAMA IDs, RA, DEC, redshift and Petrosian R magnitudes for the SAMI survey GAMA targets is given here:

This is the list that we select from but not all of these targets will be observed.

If you specifically would like to know which objects have been observed so far, then contact jbryantatphysics [dot] usyd [dot] edu [dot] au (Target Selection Working Group).

SAMI cluster targets

The GAMA regions do not contain any massive clusters at z<0.1, so we are separately targeting galaxies in 8 specific clusters. The clusters to be targeted are listed below.

Cluster RA DEC z
EDCC0442 6.381 -33.047 0.0494
Abell0085 10.460 -9.303 0.0556
Abell0119 14.067 -1.255 0.0442
Abell0168 18.740 0.431 0.0448
Abell2399 329.389 -7.794 0.0582
Abell3880 336.977 -30.575 0.0579
APMCC0917 355.398 -29.236 0.0509
Abell4038 356.895 -28.125 0.0297

Location of SAMI Galaxy Survey Fields

The figure below shows the distribution of the SAMI GAMA and cluster regions compared to other related imaging and spectroscopic galaxy surveys.