The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Stellar Kinematics of SAMI Pilot Survey Galaxies.

Authors: Lisa Fogarty, Sarah Brough, Scott Croom, Matthew Colless, Roger Davies, Andy Green, Heath Jones, Nic Scott, Matt Owers ++

The SAMI Pilot survey, a precursor to the main SAMI Galaxy Survey, is a targeted program aimed at probing high density environments in the local Universe. The program covered three local galaxy clusters and comprises 106 galaxies in total. Here we present the SAMI Pilot survey data, along with a detailed description of the target selection and data reduction and analysis.

This paper focusses on the stellar kinematics of the SAMI Pilot galaxies. We will describe in detail the technique of penalised pixel fitting (pPXF; Cappellari & Emsellem 2004) as applied to the SAMI data. We used pPXF to derive stellar kinematic maps for our entire sample and these maps are presented in the paper.

We will also present a comparison between the kinematic and photometric position angles for our galaxies, noting that Krajnovic et al. 2011 found that systems with complex kinematics and non-regular rotation are more likely to be misaligned. We will investigate this trend for our galaxies, comparing to our kinematic classification.


Progress - July 2015

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Publication Date: 
March 2013