The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Virial (and Fundamental?) Plane(s) in three nearby clusters


Recent dynamical modelling results have demonstrated that when mass/surface mass density is used to replace the more standard luminosity/surface brightness in the Fundamental Plane, the tilt of the observed plane with respect to the Virial Theorem prediction disappears.


SAMI Project

Using the stellar kinematics derived by Lisa F. for early-type galaxies in the three SAMI Pilot Survey clusters, combined with Multi Gaussian Expansion models from SDSS images, we will construct Jeans Anisotropic MGE dynamical models. We will also measure R_e from the MGE models and sigma_e from spatially binned SAMI data. With these data we will construct the surface mass density-radius-dispersion plane (the Virial Plane) for each cluster and investigate variations in the plane (if any) between the clusters. The Virial Plane can also be used to robustly identify cluster members due to it's low intrinsic scatter.

If nobody else wants to look at it, this paper could also include a derivation of the Fundamental Plane in each of the three clusters and a comparison to the Virial Plane, but that might make for a rather long paper and I'm more than happy for someone else to take that project on.

Publication Date: 
December 2013