SAMI Papers

Title Leader Publication Date
The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral field spectrograph Scott Croom March 2012
First Science with SAMI: A Serendipitously Discovered Galactic Wind in ESO 185-G031 Lisa Fogarty December 2012
The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Stellar Kinematics of SAMI Pilot Survey Galaxies. Lisa Fogarty PDF March 2013
The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Virial (and Fundamental?) Plane(s) in three nearby clusters Nic Scott PDF December 2013
The SAMI Pilot Survey: The Kinematic Morphology-Density Relation in Abell 85, Abell 168 and Abell 2399 Lisa Fogarty PDF June 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: instrument specification and target selection Julia Bryant PDF July 2014
Early data release James Allen PDF July 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Shocks and Outflows in a normal star-forming galaxy I-Ting Ho PDF August 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Cubism and covariance, putting round pegs into square holes Rob Sharp PDF October 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: The discovery of a luminous, low-metallicity HII complex in the dwarf galaxy GAMAJ141103.98-003242.3 Samuel Richards PDF October 2014
Towards a universal dynamical scaling relation for galaxies of all types Luca Cortese PDF November 2014
The nature of kinematically offset AGN James Allen PDF November 2014
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Gas Streaming and Dynamical M/L in Rotationally Supported Systems Gerald Cecil PDF December 2015
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Can we trust aperture corrections to predict star formation? Samuel Richards PDF January 2016
The SAMI Galaxy Survey: extraplanar gas, galactic winds, and their association with star formation history I-Ting Ho PDF January 2016