The SAMI Galaxy Survey: rules of behaviour for spin-ellipticity radial tracks in galaxies

We study the behaviour of the spin-ellipticity radial tracks for 507 galaxies from the Sydney AAO Multi-object Integral Field (SAMI) Galaxy Survey with stellar kinematics out to >-1.5Re. We advocate for a morpho-dynamical classi cation of galaxies, relying on spatially-resolved photometric and kinematic data. We nd the use of spin-ellipticity radial tracks is valuable in identifying substructures within a galaxy, including embedded and counter-rotating discs, that are easily missed in unilateral studies of the photometry alone. Conversely, bars are often not apparent in the stellar kinematics but are readily identi ed using this morpho-dynamical approach. Consequently, we distinguish the spin-ellipticity radial tracks of seven morpho-dynamical types: elliptical, lenticular, early spiral, late spiral, barred spiral, embedded disc, and 2-sigma galaxies. The importance of probing beyond the inner radii of galaxies is highlighted by the characteristics of galactic features in the spin-ellipticity radial tracks present at larger radii. The density of information presented through spin-ellipticity radial tracks emphasises a clear advantage to representing galaxies as a track, rather than a single point, in spin-ellipticity parameter space.

Publication Date: 
January 2020