The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Second Public Data Release and Absorption Line Value-Added Products

We present the second major release of data from the SAMI Galaxy Survey. Data Release Two includes data for ~1600 galaxies, about ??% of the full survey. Galaxies included have the redshift range $0.??? < z < 0.???$ and a large mass range $?.? < \log M_\star/M_\odot < ??.?$. [QC info here] The core data for each galaxy consists of two primary spectral cubes covering the blue and red optical wavelength ranges. For each primary cube we provide three spatially binned spectral cubes and a set of standardised aperture spectra. For each core data product we provide a set of value-added data products. This includes all emission line value-added products from Data Release One, and, in addition, stellar kinematic and stellar population value-added products derived from absorption line measurements. The data are presented online through the Australian Astronomical Observatory's Data Central.

The current version of the paper can be found on Overleaf.

Publication Date: 
July 2018