The SAMI Fundamental Plane

The Fundamental Plane of early-type galaxies (ETGs) plays a crucial role in the study of their formation and evolution, and is a key technique for measuring distances and peculiar velocities. The SAMI Galaxy Survey provides an excellent data set to study the scaling relations of ETGs, because it combines resolved kinematics with large sample size.


  • to create the benchmark Fundamental Plane for the SAMI Galaxy Survey [Completed]
  • to measure the Fundamental Plane for the clusters [Written off to a future paper]
  • to study trends in the Fundamental Plane residuals with dynamical and stellar population properties [Completed]
  • to examine the effect of different measurement techniques [Completed]
  • to evaluate the Fundamental Plane for the bulge of early-type spiral galaxies and compare to the Fundamental Plane for ellipticals and lenticulars [Completed]



  • I am working on JAM models for the ETGs. I am not sure at the moment if this will be a separate paper or will be included in this work
  • cluster galaxies can possibly end up in a separate, companion paper.


  • Currently working on stellar population models to conclude the paper
Publication Date: 
April 2021
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