SAMI Early Data Release Catalogue

The early data release (EDR) catalogue is published in Allen et al. (2014). It encapsulates the physical properties of the 107 galaxies in 22 fields, which also include observation and quality flags. The catalogue is TOPCAT-friendly and can be downloaded from the following URL:

The table below describes each field in the EDR catalogue and lists its provenance from the GAMA data archive (the name of the data management unit). If you require more information, please visit the EDR page, or contact us on feedbackatsami-survey [dot] org.

EDR Catalogue: Column Descriptions

Name Index Units Description GAMA source file
NAME 1 IAU format object name
RA 2 deg J2000 coordinate TilingCatv29
DEC 3 deg J2000 coordinate TilingCatv29
r_petro 4 mag Extinction-corrected SDSS DR7 $r$-band Petrosian mag TilingCatv29
r_auto 5 mag Extinction-corrected Kron r-band magnitude ApMatchedCatv03 MAG_AUTO_R
z_tonry 6 Flow-corrected redshift using Tonry et al. model DistancesFramesv08
z_spec 7 Observed spectroscopic redshift
M_r 8 mag Absolute magnitude in restframe $r$-band from SED fits StellarMassesv08 absmag_r
r_e 9 arcsec Effective radius (hl rad) (semi-major) SersicCatAllv07 GAL_RE_R
<mu(re)> 10 mag/arcsec^2 mean effective $r$-band surface brightness within $r_e$ SersicCatAllv07 GAL_MU_E_AVG_R
mu(re) 11 mag/arcsec^2 Effective $r$-band surface brightness at $r_e$ SersicCatAllv07 GAL_MU_E_R
mu(2re) 12 mag/arcsec^2 Effective $r$-band surface brightness at $2r_e$ SersicCatAllv07 GAL_MU_E_2R
ellipticity 13 Ellipticity from $r$-band Sersić fits SersicCatAllv07 GAL_ELLIP_R
PA 14 deg Position angle from $r$-band Sersić fits SersicCatAllv07 GAL_PA_R
log(M*) 15 dex Stellar mass within the photometric aperture, $\log M_*/M_{\odot}$
g-i 16 mag Kron colour ($g-i$), extinction corrected derived from ApMatchedCatv03 MAG_AUTO_G-I
A_g 17 mag Galactic extinction in SDSS $g$-band GalacticExtinctionv02
CATAID 18 GAMA ID in InputCatAv06 TilingCatv29
SURV_SAMI 19 Sample priority class.
   Primary sample = 8;
   High-mass fillers = 4;
   Other fillers = 3;
   Not to be observed due to some BAD_CLASS issue = 1.
Tile_no. 20 The SAMI tile number in which the object was observed.
Blue_cube 21 Link to the blue cube.
Red_cube 22 Link to the red cube.